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Try Battlefront’s Outer Rim DLC free this weekend


Star Wars Battlefront’s Outer Rim DLC will be free to try this weekend, starting Friday 13—an omen? I do find myself wondering about the current player count in a big-budget shooter so maligned for being shallow. A free trial for

Ubisoft delays the next two Division expansions to focus on fixing the game


Ubisoft has decided to delay the next two expansions to The Division so that it can instead “focus entirely on bug fixing, game balancing and other improvements” to the core game. That means the Survival expansion that was supposed to

Unofficial Division companion app will help you choose your weapon


A free, unofficial companion app for The Division called DivisionDPS promises to make life a little easier for digital gun enthusiasts who just can’t make up their minds about how to most effectively bring peace to the ravaged streets of

Ghost Recon Wildlands is coming in March 2017

Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open-world military shooter that sets players at the head of an elite spec ops team tasked with taking control of Bolivia out of the hands of the Santa Blanca drug cartel. We had a preview

Quantum Break is coming to Steam and retail in September [Updated]


The PC version of Quantum Break was confirmed in February as a Windows 10, Windows Store exclusive. So it came as a very big surprise today when Microsoft and Remedy announced that a special boxed edition of the game will

The Division is now serving up first


Just a few days after instituting a policy of first-offense permanent bans for Rainbow Six Siege cheaters, Ubisoft has brought the same harsh penalty to The Division. The publisher said in today’s Improving the Player Experience blog post that a

Gears of War 4 graphical settings revealed at Gamescom

Gears of War studio The Coalition has been saying for awhile now that the PC release of Gears of War 4 will have all kinds of graphical settings, so that players “really have full control” over what they see on

The Division film is definitely happening, Jake Gyllenhaal confirmed to star


Following unconfirmed reports in June, Ubisoft has announced it is developing a film adaptation of The Division – and it will star Jake Gyllenhaal (pictured above) and Jessica Chastain. The project will be a collaboration between Ubisoft Motion Pictures, Gyllenhaal’s

The Division is getting a Public Test Server


It’s easy to dismiss publisher re-commitments to stumbling videogames as nothing more than a cynical effort to keep the money rolling in, but I’m starting to think that Ubisoft is serious about getting The Division back on track. Earlier this

Agents of MAYHEM is the next addition to the Saints Row universe


Volition, creator of Saints Row, has announced its new project: Agents of MAYHEM (the Multinational Agency for Hunting Evil Masterminds). MAYHEM is a rag-tag bunch of superheroes bent on thwarting the plans of LEGION (the League of Evil Gentlemen Intent