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No Man’s Sky ‘Roundup’ trailer is a highlight reel of intergalactic exploration


Did you miss any of last month’s four No Man’s Sky trailers that examined the game’s four pillars? Trade, Fight, Survive, and… okay, maybe we did miss one. No worries though, because a new “roundup” trailer released today covers it

The purpose of No Man’s Sky’s mysterious Atlas Stones has been discovered


If you’re playing No Man’s Sky and wondering what to do with those Atlas Stones you’ve been picking up here and there, Kotaku has a potentially very important piece of information for you. It will, of course, involve spoilers of

Star Citizen is free


Star Citizen is a tricky bit of business. Some people see it as a grand work-in-progress, building toward the videogame of a lifetime, while to others it’s little better than a scam, bilking its naive followers of literally millions of

Farming Simulator 17 asked by PETA to depict pig slaughter


This year’s iteration of Farming Simulator will not only introduce female avatars, but will also include pig farming. The latter has somewhat upset the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation, and it has in turn issued a

RimWorld updates with new scenario system, Steam Early Access release


That thing I mentioned a couple of months ago has come to pass. No, I hadn’t predicted Brexit or Pokemon GO, unfortunately; I mentioned that Ludeon Studios’ ambitious, complex colony sim RimWorld was heading to Steam Early Access, along with

Dying Light devs announce Pure Farming 17: The Simulator


Known for the likes of Dead Island, Dying Light and Call of Juarez, Polish developer Techland has revealed its latest project is a farming simulator. Alongside independent studio Ice Flames, Pure Farming 17: The Simulator aims to “shake up the

Crooked cop simulator This Is the Police will be out this month

This Is the Police, the game about a cop on the cusp of retirement who has to decide just how far he’s willing to go to feather his nest, will be out on July 28. Developer Weappy Studio revealed the

Elite Dangerous patch stops AI developing WMDs


Elite Dangerous has been patched to prevent rogue NPCs developing their own hybrid superweapons. To be clear, these weren’t weapons they were crafting from recipes—the AI was building entirely new WMDs beyond the scope of Elite’s weapon tables. “It appears

New No Man’s Sky trailer focuses on the fighting

The sprawling space exploration sim No Man’s Sky is built on four pillars of gameplay: explore, fight, trade, and survive. Last week, the first of a series of trailers focusing on each of those elements was released, and we Explored;

Someone paid $1300 for No Man’s Sky and is posting gameplay footage online


No Man’s Sky is still a couple of weeks away, but some folks just can’t wait for it. A redditor by the name of Daymeeuhn is one such individual, and he was willing to pony up for the privilege. He