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No Man’s Sky ‘Roundup’ trailer is a highlight reel of intergalactic exploration


Did you miss any of last month’s four No Man’s Sky trailers that examined the game’s four pillars? Trade, Fight, Survive, and… okay, maybe we did miss one. No worries though, because a new “roundup” trailer released today covers it

The purpose of No Man’s Sky’s mysterious Atlas Stones has been discovered


If you’re playing No Man’s Sky and wondering what to do with those Atlas Stones you’ve been picking up here and there, Kotaku has a potentially very important piece of information for you. It will, of course, involve spoilers of

The first No Man’s Sky patch is done, will bring new ‘features, balances and content’

If you’re anything like me, instead of playing games this week you’ve been watching leaked videos of No Man’s Sky gameplay footage. Without spoiling anything (though the game is virtually limitless, so what’s to spoil?), it does have bugs, ranging

No Man’s Sky limited edition box has online play icon hidden under sticker


At the beginning of the week, Hello Games’ head honcho Sean Murray reminded players that No Man’s Sky is “not a multiplayer game.” A day later, he declared “the chances of two players ever crossing paths in a universe this

New No Man’s Sky trailer focuses on the fighting

The sprawling space exploration sim No Man’s Sky is built on four pillars of gameplay: explore, fight, trade, and survive. Last week, the first of a series of trailers focusing on each of those elements was released, and we Explored;

Someone paid $1300 for No Man’s Sky and is posting gameplay footage online


No Man’s Sky is still a couple of weeks away, but some folks just can’t wait for it. A redditor by the name of Daymeeuhn is one such individual, and he was willing to pony up for the privilege. He

No Man’s Sky’s PC patch is out now


It’s still without patch notes, but the PC version of No Man’s Sky’s 1.04 patch is now live. The patch—which went into testing earlier this week—aims to address the game’s launch issues which included poor performance, stuttering, FPS drops and

Company claims No Man’s Sky uses its patented equation without permission


In June, No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games revealed that it had spent more than three years of “secret stupid legal nonsense” with the UK’s BSkyB corporation so that it could continue to use “Sky” in the title. Now, with

No Man’s Sky devs already working on first update


Is it August yet? No, it’s not. But, having just consulted my sun dial, it is just 28 days until Hello Games’ space sandbox ‘em up No Man’s Sky launches itself onto our PC telly boxes and I for one

No Man’s Sky has gone gold

Developer Hello Games has been teasing something on the No Man’s Sky Twitter feed over the past few days, and today the secret was finally revealed: After four years of development, the game has officially gone gold.      It’s happened.