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Nuka World will be Fallout 4’s final DLC


  We got more DLC for Fallout 4 than anyone was anticipating, but that run is finally coming to an end. Bethesda’s VP of marketing, Pete Hines, confirmed on Twitter that August’s Nuka World will be the final instalment. @AndesDylan

Try Battlefront’s Outer Rim DLC free this weekend


Star Wars Battlefront’s Outer Rim DLC will be free to try this weekend, starting Friday 13—an omen? I do find myself wondering about the current player count in a big-budget shooter so maligned for being shallow. A free trial for

CSGO Lotto owners sued for promoting an illegal gambling service


A Polygon report says CSGO Lotto co-owners Trevor “Tmartn” Martin and Thomas Cassell have been added to a class action lawsuit filed last month against Valve. The suit alleges that Valve “has knowingly allowed an illegal online gambling market” to

Doom update adds old


The first update for the rebooted Doom will add a new Photo Mode designed for taking screens, and a new option to place your weapon in the center of the screen, just like back in the good old days.   

Insane CS:GO double


At ESL Cologne last weekend, Team Liquid became the first North American CS:GO team to make it into the final round of a major tournament. To do it, they had to defeat the team with the most major wins in

‘Augs Lives Matter’ banner in new Deus Ex concept art draws criticism


Eidos Montreal released a pile of new concept art for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided today, designed to showcase the appearance of “some of the major cities around the globe” in the game’s unhappy near-future. The gallery includes shots of Barcelona,

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 trailer showcases stabbing, punching, and some sniping, too

CI Games calls this new Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 video the “official reveal trailer,” which seems a little odd to me since the game was actually revealed in December 2014. But it’s been awhile since we last had a look

Overwatch trick jump montage forces you to rethink traversal

We thought ourselves rather clever when we published a list of sneaky shortcuts around Overwatch’s maps, but PlasmaNapkin has taken traversal to a new level in this trick jump montage. Did you know Widowmaker can grapple onto a basketball in

You can play Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for free right now


It’s going to be a good weekend for people who like playing shooting games for free, because in addition to Arma 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is free-to-play on Steam right now.  The free period has already started,

Doom: The Board Game brings the demonic bloodbath to your table


Have you ever thought to yourself, “Yeah, Doom is cool, but it would even cooler if I could play it on a tabletop, with dice and cards and little plastic miniatures?” No, of course you haven’t. But now that I’ve