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What’s up with No Man’s Sky’s mysterious fireworks?


Above, you can see a gif of a minor phenomenon I saw while playing No Man’s Sky earlier today. As I cruised over a planet’s surface, I heard two whooshing sounds, and out of the gloom rose what appeared to

Hitman could get two more seasons


As Agent 47 gears up for his fourth episodic outing—this time to the Thai capital of Bangkok—it seems IO Interactive and Square Enix’s sporadic stealth-meets-murder sim has another two seasons planned, once this one’s done and dusted.  Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh,

Hitman’s seventh Elusive Target is live, Gary Busey must die


As promised earlier this week, Gary Busey is now live as Hitman’s seventh Elusive Target. For the next seven days, the Hollywood legend—and so-called “infamous loose cannon”—will be wandering the sun-kissed streets of Sapienza after a falling out with advertisement

Original Darksiders remaster coming October with 4K support


After acquiring the Darksiders franchise following THQ’s collapse in 2013, Nordic Games released a remastered version of its second series entry last year. The rather awkwardly titled Deathfinitive Edition was “just the start” we were told back then, and now

Activision details Marvel Ultimate Alliance fixes, offers free DLC


When Marvel Ultimate Alliance and its sequel MUA 2 were ported to PC last week, James described both as “overpriced and overcooked” and that the inclusion of “bugs and dated mechanics” couldn’t justify their lofty price tags. Bill Rosemann, the

Frank West is back in the festive Dead Rising 4 trailer

Frank West is back—officially—in Dead Rising 4. Some screenshots and animations were leaked yesterday, but above you can watch the official trailer. It’s full of holiday cheer, some ridiculous yet festive weapons, and one or two zombies. No official release

Here, have 20 minutes of Mafia 3 footage


Mafia 3 had me at that excellent ‘story trailer’ a few weeks back, but now 20 minutes of footage have appeared to remind me that, yes, I want to play this game. I’m not that interested in the open world

Watch Dogs 2 world premiere coming on Wednesday

Ubisoft has released what I’m pretty sure is the first official Watch Dogs 2 teaser, and more importantly, announced that the official world premiere will take place on June 8, almost a full week ahead of E3.  The trailer itself

Tokyo 42 gameplay trailer demonstrates the grim business of murder in a bright fantasy world

When we first learned about Tokyo 42 back in March, it wasn’t perfectly clear what it was all about. The developers called it “an action game inspired by Syndicate and GTA1,” while we opted to describe it more pithily (but

YouTuber replaces every Dark Souls 3 texture with Nic Cage and Shrek


YouTube chap Limit Breakers recently wowed/shocked/disgusted us by replacing every Dark Souls 3 texture with crabs, and it appears he’s at it again—this time at the behest of viewers. After putting it to a vote and thereafter rounding up the