Monthly Archives: November 2016

Overwatch trick jump montage forces you to rethink traversal

We thought ourselves rather clever when we published a list of sneaky shortcuts around Overwatch’s maps, but PlasmaNapkin has taken traversal to a new level in this trick jump montage. Did you know Widowmaker can grapple onto a basketball in

Nine Parchments is a new co


Following the promising, but ultimately slightly disappointing, stealth adventure Shadwen earlier this year, Frozenbyte—the Finnish studio responsible for the Trine series—has revealed its next project: a co-operative “blast ’em up” named Nine Parchments.  The plot centres around a squad of

Surprise Fez patch adds speedrun mode


We probably won’t ever see Fez 2, but we can console ourselves, maybe, with this surprise, whopping patch for the original game, which has just been uploaded to Steam, three years after the game launched on PC. Update 1.12 whacks

See the first teaser for cyberpunk horror game Observer

The makers of Layers of Fear have a new horror game on the way: Observer, or as they call it, >Observer_ (but I’m not going to type that every time). The first, very creepy teaser, which you can see above,

Endless Space 2 gunning for Early Access this summer


First announced just over a year ago, Endless Space 2—the turn-based sci-fi-inspired 4x sequel to its 2012 forerunner—is bound for Steam’s Early Access initiative this summer. To celebrate, developer Amplitude Studios (who was recently acquired by Sega) has launched two

ZeniMax accuses John Carmack of theft in amended Oculus Rift lawsuit filing


Bethesda Softworks and id Software parent company ZeniMax Media filed a lawsuit against Oculus VR in May 2014, accusing it of misappropriating trade secrets that were central to the development of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The gist of

Samsung’s monster capacity 4TB 850 Evo SSD costs $1,500

If the only reason you’re still using a mechanical hard drive for storage chores is capacity, not price, then Samsung’s new 4TB 850 Evo solid state drive might be of interest. It’s not the most capacious option out there—HDDs still

The Elder Scrolls Online to get player housing next year


In addition to that ‘One Tamriel’ update that will tear down Tamriel’s borders, The Elder Scrolls Online will soon be getting player housing, along with a barber shop and an Argonian Dungeon Pack, according to game director Matt Firor and

Chronicle: Runescape Legends gets May release


For all that the collectible card game space is getting crowded, Chronicle: Runescape Legends does its darndest to stand out. If you haven’t indulged in the open beta, you’ll be able to see whether it’s succeeded when it releases on

Stylish roguelike Below has been delayed


Capybara Games’ anticipated rogue-like Below has been delayed indefinitely, the studio announced today. Scheduled to release in summer 2016 (winter in Australia), the game is still in development, but a new release window won’t be provided until the team is