Monthly Archives: July 2016 is currently being hit with a DDoS attack


Update: Blizzard has tweeted that the DDoS attack is over. “The DDoS attacks from earlier have ended and players can now log into BattleNet. We are investigating reports of World Server Down in WoW,” the company tweeted. Original story: Blizzard

Puzzle adventure Pan


Might and Delight’s back catalogue boasts some pretty stunning games, such as Shelter, Pid, and ‘expandalone’ Paws: A Shelter 2 Story. Its latest project Pan-Pan —produced in collaboration with one-man Swedish developer Spelkraft—is out this month. Let’s have a wee

Watch 20 minutes of ‘super pre


Last year, Battletech’s Kickstarter campaign asked for $250,000 to “bring classic turn-based Battletech back to the PC.” After just one hour, it had hit that goal and after just one month it had accrued almost $2.8 million. Fast forward half

Doom’s multiplayer to get some TLC from id


Multiplayer is the thorn in Doom’s fleshy, purulent side. James hailed the singleplayer as a “fulfilling return to acrobatic gunplay”, but players trying to get their money’s worth online contend with cheaters and a lack of standard features like custom

Watch Sean Murray play an hour of No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky will release later this week, which still feels very far away. For those eager to see the game in action after the 1.03 patch, Sean Murray from Hello Games streamed it for a little over an hour

Hearthstone lead designer explains why new Priest card is so bad

Since Blizzard announced the cards in its Hearthstone One Night in Karazhan adventure earlier this week, many have seized on the topic of the Purify card – a Priest class card universally considered to be crap. Our own Tim Clark

Lian Li’s modular 550W and 750W SFX


Hulking desktops still have their place, but if it’s a small form factor system you’re building, Lian Li has a couple of new power supplies that might be of interest, the PE-550 and PE-750. “The most general trend in electronics

The Gwent closed beta has been delayed into October


I’m still not convinced that Gwent will ever fully replace drunken punch-ups as my favorite Witcher tavern game, but an awful lot of people seem to like it—enough to convince CD Projekt to turn it into a Hearthstone-y standalone game.

Steam Dev Days returns for 2016


Steam Dev Days debuted in 2014 as a two-day conference that brought game makers together to talk about their work, attend lectures, and get their hands on SteamOS and various bits of then-new Steam hardware. Valve elected to skip the

Fallout 4 dev stream shows opening hour of Nuka


As you might’ve spied earlier this week, Bethesda hosted a Fallout 4 livestream on Tuesday which showcased the game’s sixth a final slice of DLC—the decrepit theme park-set Nuka World. The hour-long overview is featured below and explores sections of