Monthly Archives: June 2016

No Man’s Sky’s PC patch is out now


It’s still without patch notes, but the PC version of No Man’s Sky’s 1.04 patch is now live. The patch—which went into testing earlier this week—aims to address the game’s launch issues which included poor performance, stuttering, FPS drops and

Gears of War 4 graphical settings revealed at Gamescom

Gears of War studio The Coalition has been saying for awhile now that the PC release of Gears of War 4 will have all kinds of graphical settings, so that players “really have full control” over what they see on

Obsidian’s Tyranny RPG is built on more than 600,000 words

The first in a three-part video series on Obsidian’s upcoming RPG Tyranny reveals a bit more about the dark fantasy realm that’s been crushed under the boot of the evil Kyros the Overlord, and also offers up what might be

New Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor

The “Blood and Gore” trailer for the upcoming action-RPG Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr is aptly named. It’s all about destructible armor, targeted attacks, executions, and the many fun and interesting ways you can turn your enemies into a crunchy

Prison Architect gets final update, dev tools and cheats available to all


After several years of tinkering, tweaking, and video series updating, Prison Architect has finally launched its version 2.0—the 45th and final amendment to Introversion’s jail management sim.  To mark the occasion, producer Mark Morris and designer Chris Delay recorded a

The Overwatch ARG now has a strange forum post counting down to something [Updated]


Update: It’s hard to keep up with what exactly is going on here, but the action has now apparently shifted to, where “Shadow Protocol v1.9” is slowly counting up to “Transmitiendo información a ómnicos activos.” That works out to

Corsair cranks up the brightness on new line of LUX mechanical keyboards


Corsair had the bright idea of equipping three of its existing mechanical keyboards with a better backlight, hence the immediate availability of the K70 LUX RGB, K65 LUX RGB, and K70 LUX. If you haven’t already picked up one of

Battlefield 1 open beta will end this week, EA confirms

When Battlefield 1 launched its open beta last week, it did so without a clear end date. EA has now confirmed combat in the Sinai Desert will wrap up on Thursday, September 8, while simultaneously announcing changes to its Conquest

Vampyr pre


Vampyr, you may recall, is Dontnod’s upcoming action-RPG that follows the plight of Jonathan Reid—an esteemed general practitioner-turned-vampire, forced to pit his conscience against his desire to consume the blood of others. It’s a far cry from Life Is Strange,

Xbox Elite Controller Review


At a glance Elite (+) Awesome new d-pad; easy-to-use software; premium design; plenty of sticks to choose from; included audio jack. Destitute (-) Expensive; paddle sticks would occasionally fall out; no dual-trigger design; accidentally launches SBP upon shutoff. Best in