Monthly Archives: May 2016

New details emerge on banned League of Legends team Renegades

Riot still hasn’t released evidence to support its recent and unprecedented banning of pro League of Legends team Renegades, and while at this stage it’s unlikely the company ever will, a new ESPN report provides some background and context from

EK introduces water blocks for GeForce GTX 1080


If you’re hoping to plug Pascal into your water cooling setup, good news, EK Water Blocks has a new full-cover liquid cooling solution (EK-FC1080 GTX) for Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080. The new water block comes in four different variations, including

Civilization: Beyond Earth is free to play this weekend


Hey, remember Civilization: Beyond Earth? Wow, those are some loud crickets. I think a hefty discount on both the base game and its Rising Tide expansion would convince me to give it a go, but it hasn’t yet plummeted to

Dead Rising 4 dev diary assures us that Frank West is a cool guy

Dead Rising is all about mowing down undead in the most spectacular ways possible, and the forthcoming fourth instalment is no exception. As a means to ensure this, Dead Rising 4 is returning to  Willamette, in particular the large shopping

Enemy Starfighter becomes House of the Dying Sun

Enemy Starfighter, the space combat sim that looks like the lovechild of Homeworld and Freespace, is no more! But before you go crying your frozen tears into the void, know all that’s really happened is that the name has changed:

Terraria: Otherworld is still happening, but it’s been revamped


You’d be forgiven for thinking Terraria: Otherworld has been quietly abandoned, given the lack of updates since December last year. The good news is that the project is still kicking, but in a new status update on the project, studio

Bundle Stars Summer Sale drops deals on Mad Max, Space Engineers


Bundle Stars has launched its biggest ever sale which is live right now until August 22.  With timed deals and sale-length discounts alike, the Summer Sale includes a mix of contemporary hits and old classics—offering discounts on certain games (via

Imitation weapons not permitted at Gamescom 2016, organisers warn


Gamescom organisers have issued a statement warning attendees not to bring “imitation weapons” or “weapon-like” items to the convention this year, which kicks off August 18. The move is intended as a safety and precautionary measure following “the terrible incidents

The Division film is definitely happening, Jake Gyllenhaal confirmed to star


Following unconfirmed reports in June, Ubisoft has announced it is developing a film adaptation of The Division – and it will star Jake Gyllenhaal (pictured above) and Jessica Chastain. The project will be a collaboration between Ubisoft Motion Pictures, Gyllenhaal’s

SteelSeries Siberia 840 gaming headset brings the boom with Bluetooth support


If you check out our picks for the best wireless gaming headsets, you’ll find the SteelSeries Sibera 800 leading the pack. About the only thing it’s missing is Bluetooth connectivity, which SteelSeries has now rectified with the release of its