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No Man’s Sky mod lets you fly your ship close to the ground, inside caves, and underwater

Many No Man’s Sky players, myself included, have wished that when piloting our ships over a planet’s surface, we could fly closer to the ground. Well, our space-prayers have been answered. The LowFlight mod, by Hytek, allows you greater control

Dear Esther update will be free for owners of the original

BioShock isn’t the only game that’s about to be remastered for a new generation of hardware. The Chinese Room is updating its lovely, slightly spooky exploration-adventure game Dear Esther for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s being badged as

Intel taps 3D NAND to push PCIe


The best bang-for-buck when shopping for a solid state drive is still found in the SATA 6Gbps category, but it will only be a matter of time before PCIe-based SSDs come down in price. To get the ball rolling, Intel

The Division is getting a Public Test Server


It’s easy to dismiss publisher re-commitments to stumbling videogames as nothing more than a cynical effort to keep the money rolling in, but I’m starting to think that Ubisoft is serious about getting The Division back on track. Earlier this

Armello: Usurpers DLC is live on Steam, but won’t be released on GOG


Armello is a sort of Beatrix Potter-meets-Game of Thrones strategy-RPG that Chris played, and liked, last year. A couple of days ago, developer League of Geeks released the game’s first major DLC, Usurpers, which adds four new heroes and four

Torment: Tides of Numenera trailer shows Earth one billion years from now

Gamescom wrapped up well over a week ago, so why are we just seeing the Torment: Tides of Numenera Gamescom trailer now? This, I cannot answer for you. I can say, however, that it looks really good.  What I like

For Honor drops trio of class trailers ahead of closed alpha next week


Ubisoft’s forthcoming history-defying hack and slasher For Honor isn’t due till Valentine’s Day next year, however its closed alpha is just around the corner. As such, the developer unveiled three class-related trailers at this weekend’s PAX West, which showcase how

Doom deathmatch and private matches will go live later this month

Bethesda says that private matches, Deathmatch, and Arcade Mode are finally on their way to Doom. The features will be added before the end of the month as part of “Free Update 3,” and ahead of that a “first-look” livestream

Human Resource Machine review


NEED TO KNOW What is it? A mathematical programming puzzle gamePublisher: Tomorrow CorporationDeveloper: Tomorrow CorporationReviewed on: Core i5-3570K, 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 780TiExpect to pay: £7 / $10Multiplayer: NoneLink: Official site Human Resource Machine makes me feel less like a

MSI GT72S with GTX 980


At a Glance [+] Redline: Insanely fast; good build quality; overclockable; great features.[-] Meltdown: Insanely expensive; large and heavy; only 1080p (for now). Preparing for battle For the past year, the fastest notebook GPU has been the GTX 980M. With