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Viewsonic VX2475 Smhl

at a glance (+) 4KGreat panel; decent price; HDMI 2.0.(-) No WayScreen size too small for 4K; plasticky chassis; limited adjustment. This article was published in the November 2015 issue of Maximum PC. For more trusted reviews and feature stories,

Samsung pegs higher bandwidth GDDR6 release for 2018


While it had been rumored that GDDR6 memory would end up on graphics cards released next year, it looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit longer, at least from Samsung’s vantage point. Samsung announced at ISCA 2016 in

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone review


NEED TO KNOW What is it? A lengthy, narrative-focused expansion for The Witcher 3 Expect to pay $10 / £8 Developer: CD Projekt REDPublisher: CD Projekt Reviewed on: Venom Blackbook, Windows 10, Intel Core i7-4720HQ, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX

Batman: Arkham Knight review


NEED TO KNOW What is it? The final chapter of the Arkham series.Expect to pay £30/$50Release Out nowDeveloper Rocksteady StudiosPublisher WB GamesReviewed on GeForce GTX 970, Intel i7-950 (3.0GHz), 16GB RAMMultiplayer NoneLink Official site Gotham is under attack, again. But

Best CPU deals today


You want a new processor, you’ve checked out our best CPU for gaming guide, and now you need to know the best CPU deals available right now. Well, we can help out with that too. The processor is the brains

Fallout 4 review


Need To Know What is it? A post-apocalyptic sandbox RPG.Expect to pay £40/$60Release 10 NovemberDeveloper Bethesda Game StudiosPublisher BethesdaMultiplayer NoneLink Official site Let me tell you about my Vault dweller. She’s a master of stealth in flame red power armour.

Final Fantasy X, X


Square Enix’s HD remaster of Final Fantasy X and X-2 launched on Steam this week with dual language support, but one little wrinkle: it doesn’t let you mix the Japanese audio with English subtitles, and vice versa. Good news: modders

Crucial BX200 480GB SSD Review


At a Glance (+) Bargain Hunting: Low price per GB; much faster than HDD for random IO.(-) Dumpster Diving: Slower than most other SSDs; short warranty; TLC endurance. TLC != Tender Loving Care Sometimes a product comes along that blows

Rise of the Tomb Raider review


NEED TO KNOW What is it: The second action adventure outing for the rebooted Lara Croft.Expect to pay: £40 / $60Developer: Crystal DynamicsPublisher: Square EnixReviewed on: Windows 10, 8GB RAM, i5-3570k, GeForce GTX 970Multiplayer: NoneLink: The opening minutes of

Toshiba trots out high speed OCZ RD400 NVMe SSDs


What happens when you combine Toshiba’s NAND flash memory resources with OCZ’s penchant for delivering enthusiast grade storage solutions? You end up with OCZ’s RD400 series of NVMe solid state drives. Toshiba says its OCZ RD400 series is one of