Monthly Archives: November 2015

Scalebound confirmed for Windows 10

Scalebound—Platinum’s upcoming action adventure about some guy and his dragon pal—has just been confirmed for Windows 10. The announcement was made live on Microsoft’s E3 2016 stage. The game will be available as part of Xbox’s ‘Play Anywhere’ initiative, meaning

World Esports Association formed by ESL and pro teams


Things are getting ever more respectable in professional gaming. The World Esports Association, or WESA, has been founded as a result of efforts by ESL and eight pro teams including Fnatic, Na’Vi and EnVyUs. It aims to standardise competition along

Survival strategy Overland trailer shows off procedural generation, clever dogs

Visiting the PC Gaming Show at E3 2016, artist Heather Penn showed off a new trailer for Finji’s survival strategy Overland. It highlights some of the roguelike’s procedural generation of environments and characters, as well as showing some gameplay of

Teaser for transhumanist adventure State of Mind shows a bleak, Blade Runner

Daedalic Entertainment revealed their upcoming adventure game, State of Mind, at E3 2016. We posted some screenshots and information about the transhumanist adventure game on Friday, prior to the reveal, but there’s now a teaser trailer which you can check

System Shock Remastered is heading to Kickstarter next month


A much requested remaster of System Shock is currently in development, and based on some early gameplay footage the Unity-powered revamp is coming along very nicely. It’s likely we’ll have to wait a while to play it though, because Night

Bethesda’s two upcoming games as big as Skyrim or Fallout


The developers at Bethesda are busy beavers. They’ve got at least three games in the pipeline, one of which, of course, is The Elder Scrolls VI/6/Six/Revengeance. That’s going to be a long way off; however, Bethesda’s Todd Howard confirmed the

CS:GO players get angry over new ‘low ammo’ sound effect


The latest update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive includes the first in a series of planned improvements to the game’s audio. The Negev, M249, and Mag7 have all had their sound effects punched up, and the smoke grenade sound has been

Painted and ‘Certified’ items slated for Rocket League’s June update


Painted and ‘Certified’ items will come to Rocket League with its June patch. Psyonix has long been teasing changes to the item system, and though it promises more to come, the endless stream of toppers is already looking more interesting.

Patch 1.22 polishes The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine


The expansions might be over, but CD Projekt Red is still polishing The Witcher 3. Patch 1.22 is here, and it fixes a number of new issues introduced by Blood and Wine, plus some general tweaks for good measure. Weird

Sims 4 gender boundaries removed in latest update


The latest free update to The Sims 4 dramatically expands its “Create A Sim” mode by removing all gender boundaries from the game, enabling players to make Sims with any type of physique, style of walk, and voice, regardless of