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Captain Forever Remix review


Need to Know What is it? Space-set roguelike where your loot is the ship you just blew up. Expect To Pay: $15/£11 Publisher: Pixelsaurus Games Developer: In-house Reviewed on: Intel Core i5-4440 CPU @ 3.1GHz, 8GB RAM Multiplayer: None Link:

Corsair promises ‘blisteringly quick’ 2TB SSD very soon

Corsair launched a new line of SSDs today, the Neutron XTi series, which pairs the “blisteringly quick quad-core Phison” controller with multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory. Chalk that up to marketing hype over what’s probably the Phison S10 controller,

Galactic Civilizations 3: Mercenaries review


need to know What is it? An expansion bringing hero units to a turn-based 4X strategy game. Expect to pay: $20 / £15 Developer: Stardock Entertainment Publisher: Stardock Entertainment Reviewed on: Windows 10, 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 780 Multiplayer: Yes,

Asus arms new motherboard with dual 10 GbE LAN ports


Motherboard makers pull out all the stops when trying to lure enthusiasts. Overclocking features are a given, but many high-end boards boast fancy LED lighting and various bits of eye candy, such as Biostar’s racing-themed mobos. Asus is taking a

AMD releases Crimson 16.9.1 hotfix


Eidos Montreal has done its part to bring DirectX 12 support to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided by releasing PC patch 5 earlier today, and now AMD has followed suit with a Crimson driver hotfix (16.9.1) to support the API within

Corsair and Asus ROG collaborate on themed memory kit


While MSI and G.Skill are busying chasing record high memory overclocks using liquid nitrogen, Corsair and Asus ROG are pimping new DDR4 modules fitted with themed Republic of Gamers red and black brushed aluminum heatspreaders. Corsair’s new Platinum ROG Edition

Gul’dan and Auriel are coming to Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has posted a new Heroes of the Storm “In Development” video showcasing the Orcish betrayer Gul’dan, and Auriel, the Archangel of Hope from Diablo, each of whom will be added to the game in the coming weeks.  The video

Team Fortress 2 matchmaking and Competitive Mode is now live


Over a year since it was announced, Team Fortress 2’s matchmaking finally goes live today, after a surprise announcement earlier this week. The update also ushers in the long-awaited Competitive Mode, as well as the replacement of Quickplay with an

Killer Instinct welcomes classic boss Eyedol to Season 3


If you played the original Killer Instinct back in 1994, you’ll likely recall the bicephalous satyr-like end-boss demon Eyedol through gritted teeth. Its height, power, and pain-in-the-backside spiked mace proved quite the challenge, which might be why Iron Galaxy Studios

Surface Pro 4 Review


A coming of age tale at a glance Pro (+) Super sharp screen; extremely portable; fast and quiet; very adjustable hinge.Noob (+) Keyboard sold separately; only one USB port; makes concessions as a laptop and tablet. When the original Surface