Monthly Archives: August 2015

Telltale’s Batman to launch first episode in August


Telltale, I’m sure you’re aware, is making a narrative-led episodic Batman series. After being first teased at last year’s Game Awards, we’ve since learned it’ll focus just as much on Bruce Wayne’s story as it will that of the Caped

Big Robot’s next game is The Signal From Tölva


Big Robot—the team behind atmospheric survival-stealth endeavour Sir, You Are Being Hunted—has revealed its latest project: The Signal From Tölva.  Billed as a “single-player first-person exploration and combat game”, The Signal From Tölva is set among the ruins of an

New Prey gameplay trailer revealed at QuakeCon

A new Prey gameplay trailer was unveiled during the opening of QuakeCon 2016 today, and it looks very nice indeed.  There’s only so much you can get out of two minutes of gameplay, but this video certainly grabs my attention.

Watch Berserk’s combat in full swing


You may have spotted Berserk—the dark fantasy manga series that’s said to have inspired the likes of Dark Souls and Dragon’s Dogma—is getting a game adaptation this year. Arriving in the west at some point this Autumn/Fall, we’ve so far

Gears of War 4 multiplayer footage looks pretty sleek


After being introduced to the Deebees enemy faction earlier this week, Gears of War 4 developer The Coalition has now showcased the automated army within the game’s multiplayer mode. Courtesy of the folks at IGN, the latest footage demos Gears

Stellaris mod that makes all humans ‘European’ is back on the Steam Workshop


Update: The European Phenotypes and Names mod for Stellaris is back on the Steam Workshop. Its creator, Lord Xel, said he re-uploaded the mod primarily as “an experiment to see how far Paradox will lie about banning my other mod.”

Roccat’s frameless Suora mechanical keyboard keeps it simple


Roccat today launched a new “no-frills” mechanical keyboard that it’s aiming at “gaming purists,” which apparently refers to gamers who want a compact plank without too many amenities cluttering the layout. To that end, Roccat’s new Suora is a frameless

Natural Selection 2 gets a new map


Natural Selection 2 has been patched with a new map, alien skin and a host of fixes. ‘Caged’ is a deep-space construction vessel gone dark after sending out a distress call—no prizes for guessing what happened. Now that the boring

Blizzard hopes to improve Overwatch ‘Play of the Game’ highlights


In a recent column on the much-maligned transforming turret Bastion, Evan noted that Overwatch’s Play of the Game system “sometimes celebrates mundane multikills as godlike feats of heroism.” It’s an inevitable consequence of asking a machine to pick the pivotal

Watch the first gameplay from Dawn of War 3

The first gameplay trailer for Dawn of War 3 debuted at The PC Gaming Show during E3 2016, and it looks as hectic and crowded as we hoped for. Dawn of War 2 focused on smaller squads of elite soldiers,