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Arcanum, Quest for Glory, and other ‘Sierra Classics’ are now on Steam


A big batch of “Sierra Classics,” including some of the lesser-known games from the studio’s glory days like Police Quest, Quest for Glory, and Phantasmagoria, is now available on Steam. Most of these games have been out for awhile on

The Final Station arrives with launch trailer


“It has trains, it has…definitely not zombies,” Tinybuild’s Alex Nichiporchik told Tom when discussing The Final Station at PAX South this year. What it does have is an end-of-the-world-type scenario, swarms of “infected”, a whole load of sidescrolling and shooting,

Niche is a natural selection game about survival and genetics


There’s an interesting history of games about survival and genetics. Creatures, Spore, Sheltered, Galapagos: Mendel’s Escape and Black and White have explored the idea of nurture as a game mechanic.  Niche is the latest. It’s a turn-based survival sim that

Test drive Arizona in the latest American Truck Simulator beta

Arizona, last of American Truck Simulator’s free DLC states, is now available in beta. In addition to the Grand Canyon State, the beta includes some enthusiast-only new features. Physically simulated trailer coupling will put your reversing to the test—there’ll be

Dishonored comics and novels are on the way


A lot of time has passed between the end of Dishonored and the beginning of Dishonored 2. You can tell, because Emily Kaldwin, the young Empress you saved from schemers in the first game, is now all grown up, and

Ubisoft is reportedly working on a film adaptation for The Division


Only weeks after the release of a trailer for the forthcoming Assassin’s Creed film, pre-orders and all, Ubisoft is reportedly working on a film adaptation for The Division. The Tom Clancy license is ripe for all manner of big budget

The action


The Westwood-developed action-RPG Nox is a pretty old game, released all the way back in 2000, but it was a pretty good one by most accounts. And if it didn’t set the world on fire, that may be in part

Valve updates The Lab with leaderboards and more


The Lab, the collection of VR “experiments” that Valve rolled out in March, is all about science. But as today’s big update asks, “What’s science without a little competition?” And not competition in the sense of being the first to



EVGA is best known for its graphics cards and power supplies, but it also dabbles in cases—you might recall the Hadron Air and Hadron Hydro, a pair of small form factor enclosures for mini-ITX motherboards. If building small isn’t your

‘Stolen’ Fallout 4 mods appear on Xbox


Discontent is brewing within the Fallout 4 modding community at the discovery that several mods have been uploaded for Xbox One without the creators’ permission. Teething problems were  to be expected, of course—the Xbox modding ecosystem is young and unpredictable.