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Samsung’s monster capacity 4TB 850 Evo SSD costs $1,500

If the only reason you’re still using a mechanical hard drive for storage chores is capacity, not price, then Samsung’s new 4TB 850 Evo solid state drive might be of interest. It’s not the most capacious option out there—HDDs still

What happened in hardware


As we head into summer, developments in tech are heating up in a big way. The past several weeks have seen numerous graphics card announcements, which led to some price drops this week on prior generation cards, and there’s a

GeForce 368.69 driver adds support for Dirt Rally VR


While you’re waiting for Dirt Rally VR to release for the Oculus Rift, you might as well go grab Nvidia’s new Game Ready 368.69 WHQL drivers, assuming you have a GeForce graphics card or GPU. The new driver package adds

iBuyPower makes fashion statement with new Element PC


If it’s a fancy or elegant looking PC you’re after, iBuyPower might not be the first system builder that comes to mind. It sits somewhere between a bulk OEM and boutique builders like Maingear and Digital Storm, though iBuyPower may

Revised Xbox One controller taps Bluetooth to work with PCs


Microsoft is making several improvements to its Xbox One controller, our go-to gamepad for titles that aren’t as well suited for mouse and keyboard input, which will ship with the Xbox One S due out in August. One of those

Lenovo’s Y27f curved display bumps AMD FreeSync monitor tally to over 100


AMD jumped at the opportunity to announce Lenovo’s first FreeSync monitor earlier this month, the Y27f, which also happens to be the 101st FreeSync model released so far. That’s a significant milestone for AMD as it competes with Nvidia and

We’re hiring: be PC Gamer’s next hardware editor


We built this. Want to build more PCs like it? We’re looking for a staff writer to join our hardware team. If you eat, sleep, and breathe GPUs, benchmarks, PC building, and can turn that passion into great writing, we’d

Samsung ports quantum dot technology to new curved gaming monitors


Samsung announced three new curved gaming monitors that employ the same quantum dot technology found in its TV lineup. They include the CFG70 available in 24-inch and 27-inch models, and the CF791 available in a larger 34-inch model.  Quantum dots



Some technologies have a clear and direct impact on your gaming experience, like your graphics card or processor. Others are a bit more nebulous, like networking standards and technologies. Take MU-MIMO for example, the “multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output” wireless networking technology

Razer’s Naga Hex V2 brings a 7 button thumb wheel to the MOBA party


Razer has released yet another version of its Naga mouse designed specifically for MOBA gaming, the Naga Hex V2. As with prior versions of the NAGA, you’ll find a series of buttons on the side, though on this iteration there